What is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing

In today’s day and age, everything is going online. Whether you have to shop for something or you wish to sell anything, online is your go-to mode. Whether you must book travel tickets or search for a location for your next vacation. Whether you must order food or learn how to cook. Whether you want to buy running shoes or search for a running park near your location, everything is online. Almost all businesses these days are going online. Which makes it even more important for people to adopt digital media and go digital.

Let’s understand what is digital marketing? Digital marketing means promoting products, services, and ideas with the help of internet-based services and online digital technologies such as search engines, social media, email, websites, etc.

Digital Marketing is also called online marketing and internet marketing. 

Digital media is gaining importance really fast without even us noticing it.

Now let us understand why digital marketing is important and why it is gaining so much popularity by the day.

Digital marketing can help you build an audience for your products and services. It can help in building trust and credibility as about 90% of people follow a business on Instagram and about 85% research before buying any brand online.

Digital Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing 

  • Higher Level Of Engagement: It can help you in getting a higher level of engagement as you connect with people on a personal level using data and statistics.
  • World Wide Reach: With the help of digital marketing, you can go global. You are no longer forced to stay in one place, so there is worldwide reach.
  • Cost-effective: It is very cost-effective as you target only a specific audience. It is easier to measure return on investment by tracking metrics.
  • Quick Feedback: There is quick feedback in digital marketing unlike the traditional form of marketing. 

Another benefit of digital marketing is that you can connect with your audience through content. 

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