How to Decide the Perfect Blog Niche in 2022?

The idea of starting a blog excites you. But you are not really sure what you want to write about. Or maybe you have an idea but you’re not confident whether it will work out or not. Ever faced this kind of situation? If you’re having trouble deciding your blog niche, then let me tell you that you’re not alone in this. Deciding upon a blog niche is probably one of the hardest parts of blogging. Rest of the stuff gets easier in comparison. 

Before hopping on to the topic of how to decide a niche for your blog, let us first understand what a blog niche is.

A blog niche is a carefully selected topic area that you’ll be focusing your blog content around.

Follow the below mentioned steps to find your perfect blog niche:

1. Brainstorm Ideas

Jot down the topics of your interest and make a list. It could be beauty, makeup, haircare, technology, travel, food, motivation, fitness, or any topic you might be interested in. It is important to choose a niche which is of your interest so that you can easily find content ideas and create great content. Yes, the niche you choose must be popular but popularity alone should not be a criteria to pick a niche. If you are interested in your niche, creating content will become a lot more easier and you will be having a lot of fun while blogging.

2. Ask Yourself Questions

Make a list of a few key questions that you need to ask yourself before deciding a blog niche. 

Key questions to ask yourself before deciding a niche

  • Are you interested enough in this blog niche?
  • Do you know enough about this niche?
  • Is there a paying audience for the niche you want to choose?
  • How many people are searching about your blog niche?
  • Is this topic trending upward on google trends?
  • Does your niche suit evergreen content?

These questions are important to evaluate so that you don’t end up selecting a niche that you are not comfortable with.

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3. Do Market Research

The next step is to make sure if there is an audience for the kind of content you’re going to write about. You must write about a niche in which people search for content. For instance, health is a popular niche. People are always searching about how to lose weight, how to gain muscle mass, keto diet plans, intermittent fasting, etc. You have to do a thorough research to find out a niche people are interested in and are actually searching for. This will help you figure out what content your audience wants.

4. Validate your niche

To validate your niche, you may consider 3 important elements: passion, knowledge and profitability. 

Let’s discuss passion first. If you are not passionate about the subject that you are blogging about, it is sure that you are going to get stuck at a point where you don’t have the motivation to continue with your blog and you’ll struggle to create regular content. 

Coming on to profitability, let’s face it. You are not going to choose a blog niche which doesn’t make money. The blog niche you select must be capable of monetization and help you earn a good income. Be honest, would you like to choose a niche that is not profitable? 

Your perfect niche = passion + knowledge + profitability

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